Recording Studio

You have crafted the songs, now eventually do them justice and get them expertly recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered with the assistance of our professionals.

Our amazing control room is both acoustically designed and spacious. The room has been exclusively treated with bass traps and different absorbers to provide a precise mixing atmosphere. This assures that your mix will certainly sound amazing both when your CD is played on different systems and in the recording studio. The room is detached from the other rooms and attributes a floating comfortable sofa, wood floor, and lines of sight to both the isolation booth and the live room.

Affordable Recording Studio Mixer in Houston:

Our professionals and producers are well knowledgeable in all categories from RnB to rock, gospel to pop and everything in amid. The studio attains a combination of some of the best digital and analogue technology, both vintage and modern in design. Our custom designed room enables high-quality recordings exclusively across the board.

Being one of the most affordable recording studios in Houston, 281 Studios offers a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, allowing ingenuity to flow and enabling you to accomplish the best consequence from your assignment.

We can serve for every facet of your audio assignment from mastering to pre-production, sound design & composition to voice-overs. Please feel free to get in touch with our professionals at any moment to discuss your specific needs.

Recording studio mixer Houston